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To the millions of visitors and the thousands of customers who have
walked through our doors over the past 18 years:

We regret to inform you that we will be permanently
closing our doors to the public on
December 30th, 2017.

Everything must go!

Cars, gas pumps, prints, paintings, car models, stanchions & ropes,
collectibles, equipment, office supplies, etc...

We will be here for final sales until February 28th.
January 2nd – February 28th, we are available by appointment. Please call
702-794-3174 or email us at info@autocollections.com
to make an appointment.

The Auction, Inc. dba: The Auto Collections would like to thank you for
your business and patronage over the last 18 years!

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the Auto Collections | LINQ Hotel & Casino | Las Vegas Nevada

1957 Chrysler 300C Hardtop
A fully restored, outstanding example!
The legendary Chrysler 300C, Motor Trend’s Car of the Year in 1957, was developed from the outset as a completely integrated package. One of the fastest and most powerful American production cars, the 300C was also one of the most expensive. This updated version of the three-year-old model continued the precedent set the previous two years with another bump in horsepower, from 340 to 375. Virgil Exner’s Forward Look styling was continued, although, the front end was wider and louder, as were the enlarged tailfins.
The standard 300C engine, enlarged to 392 cubic inches, was equipped with two 4-barrel carburetors, a nickel block, solid lifter cams, 9.25:1 compression, and delivered 375 horsepower. Exceptional handling resulted from a lowered center of gravity, lower placement of the weighty engine, and the careful location of the rear leaf springs. Ducts located below the headlights cooled the front brakes, and the controversial tailfins were proven to increase stability at speed.
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