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the Auto Collections | LINQ Hotel & Casino | Las Vegas Nevada

1982 Chevrolet Corvette “Collector’s Edition”
ID# 1G1AY0782C5105549
To honor the 1982 Corvette's status as the last of the C3's, Chevrolet offered a special "Collectors Edition". The Collector Edition differed from the standard Corvette by having a higher level of standard equipment. Hoods on 1982 Corvettes had a solenoid operated door which directed fresh air directly into the air cleaner during full-throttle. Crossfire Injection was introduced in 1982 Corvettes. It utilized two injectors controlled by a computer capable of making 80 adjustments per second. This resulted in better drivability, and fuel economy. The exhaust system of the 1982 Corvette was redesigned with a smaller and lighter catalytic converter. The exhaust pipes leading into the converter were redesigned to deliver hotter exhaust gases to the converter to increase its efficiency. To keep counterfeit copies from being made, the Collector Edition had a "0" in the sixth digit of the VIN, where the standard Corvette had an "8" in this position of the VIN. A special exterior and interior color scheme was adopted, and special emblems were also produced. In addition, the Collector Edition had a lifting rear glass hatchback, and special aluminum wheels modeled after the bolt-on aluminum wheels on 1967 Corvettes. The 700R4 Automatic Transmission was the only transmission offered. It featured a torque converter clutch which operated in the top three gears. The following is work perform on this car. MCR Corvettes rebuilt the transmission on 8/27/04, a new interior kit was installed on 11/2004, and the engine was rebuilt on 11/06/00. Control arm, shocks, sway bar, upper & lower ball joints and tie rods were done on 3/27/04 + new paint & body work were performed on 11/29/01.

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