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the Auto Collections | LINQ Hotel & Casino | Las Vegas Nevada

1991 Chevrolet Camaro Special Edition Z28 1LE
VIN: 1G1FP23F5ML143847
10,000 Original Miles!
1 of 478 1LE Edition Camaro Built in 1991!
This car is the only known 1991 Black Camaro done with Leather Interior!
RPO CODES: AJ3: Restraint System, Front Seat Inflatable, Driver - FE2: Suspension System, Ride Handling - NN5: Emission Override, California System, Federal - VK3: License Plate, Front Mounting Package - 669: Seatbelt Color, Med Beechwood (9) (91) - AM9: Seat, Rr, Split, Back Fldg - GU6: Axle Rear, 3.42 Ratio - NP5: Leather Wrapped, Steering Wheel & Shift Knob - V73: Vehicle Statement, USA/Canada – 7DB: Spring, Computer Selected, Front, Right Hand - AR9: Seat, Frt Bkt, European Style, Pass Driver Recl. - G80: Axle Positraction, Limited Slip. - N10: Exhaust System Dual - YA7: Door Side Rr , Sliding – 8NN: Spring, Computer Selected, Rear Left Hand - B18: Ornamentation, Intr, Delux - G92: Axle Rear Ratio, Performance - N64: Wheel & Tire Spare, Space Saver - YF5: Certification, Emission, California – 9NN: Spring, Computer Selected, Rear, Right Hand. - C41: HVAC System, Heater Outside, Air With Fan - N96: Wheel, 16 X 8, Cast Aluminum - Z28: Merchandised Pkg, Special Performance. - C49: De Fogger, Rr Window, Electric - JG1: Shaft, Prop, Aluminum – 1A2: Seo Vehicle, Public Services. - D34: Mirror, Visor Vanity - J65: Brake System, Pwr, Frnt & Rr Disc - R8T: Control, Sales Item No. 69 Processing Option. – 1LE: Performance Package Components - D35: Mirror Outside Rear View - KC4: Cooling System, Heavy Duty Engine Oil - UB3: Cluster, Inst. Oil, Cool Temp, Volts Trip Odom Tach. – 1SA: Option Package 01 - D55: Console, Frnt Compt, Floor - K68: Generator, 105 Amp. - UN6: Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, Auto Rev Music. – 17P: Wheel Color, Silver (91) - D8M: Sensor, Veh, Spd - LB9: 305 V-8 Engine - UQ1: Radio Provisions, For Stereo – 41U: Primary Color, Ext. Black - D81: Sensor Veh Spd - MK6: Transmission, Man 5 Spd, Borg Warner, 2.95 1st O/D - U79: Speaker System, 4 Dual Front, Coax, Dual Ext Rge Pkg – 6DB: Spring Computer, Selected Front Left Hand. - E52: Door Rr, 83 Inch, Wrap Around. - MM5: Merchandised Trans, Man 5 Spd Provisions - Van: Assembly Plant, Van Nuys, Ca. – 66I: Interior Trim, Med Beechwood (91) - E9Z: Speedometer Key Deleted - NA5: Emission System, Federal Tier O - VG8: Vehicle, Buyer Notice Label - 662: Trim Combination, Leather, Med Beechwood (2) (91).