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1910 Pratt-Elkhart Model 1 30/35HP Touring
ID# 1361
The Elkhart Carriage & Harness Manufacturing Company was organized in 1873 in Elkhart, Indiana. The company was a phenomenal success and became one of Indiana’s largest businesses by the turn of the century. Brothers William and George Pratt marketed their buggies and harness sets through consumer catalogues. The Pratt brothers advertised their company as “The Largest Manufacturers of Vehicles and Harness in the World selling to Consumers Exclusively.” In 1906 the company saw the increased penetration of the automobile and developed the desire to add a motorized buggy to the roster. Through trial and error development they finally announced the Pratt-Elkhart automobile in 1908. A five passenger touring car made the sales catalogue in 1909, priced at $1600. The Model 1 was powered by a 4 cylinder engine producing 30 horsepower and ran on a 117 inch wheelbase. 1909 was also the year when a misguided voter base approved the 16th amendment to the US Constitution providing for an income tax! Unfortunately, soon it was discovered that this well built automobile was too expensive for the carriage and harness customers. The Pratts would not compromise on the quality to lower the price, so they developed new models that were even bigger and more highly priced. In 1911 several models were offered at prices ranging from $1750 to $2,000 and sold through automobile dealers. Average income at the time was under $1,000/year. In 1915 the company’s name was changed to the Pratt Motor Car Company and the marque was renamed the Elcar. When the country was gearing up for World War I, the company destroyed most of the horse drawn side of the business to make way for the building of ambulance bodies. The Pratt brothers sold the company in 1921 and retired, leaving the subsequent checkered history to the new business consortium that eventually
went into receivership in 1931.

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