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the Auto Collections | LINQ Hotel & Casino | Las Vegas Nevada

1972 Oldsmobile 442 Featuring the W-30 Engine Package

Before you is a spectacular masterpiece of a total, complete, legitimate and done correctly, rotisserie restored 1972 Olds 442. Every nut, bolt, washer, grommet or screw has been dismantled and painstakingly, professionally reassembled. Included with the sale of the car are the following: 1. Original owners manual and various consumer related informational pamphlets, I.E, warranty, emissions etc. 2. Factory original laminated build sheet. 3. Picture album with 40 pictures relevant to the restoration. 4. Several trophies and plaques. 5. At the 2003 OCA Nationals in Ohio the judges scored the vehicle representing the modified class 986 points out of a possible 1000. This sheet will be provided to the buyer. 5. Several trophies and plaques. 6. Dealer showroom brochure. The car left the factory with a 350 cubic inch engine. This 442 currently has a 1972 455 motor and TH-400 transmission. The engine has had the following performance upgrades: Block has been bored .030 over, decked, line bored as well as having race cam bearings, oil restictors and rods reconditioned and polished. The heads are factory replacement heads for the 1972 W-30. All engine upgrades were performed by Oldsmobile wizard Joe Mondello. Additional engine upgrades feature all out competition bronze valve guides, 2.100 intake valves, 1.700 exhaust valves, heads flow 77cc; they use .5 inch head bolts instead of the standard 7/16. They have also added Teflon valve seals. Cross overs have been welded and filled. Rolling rockers. Oiling comes from melling high volume pump which sits in a 7 quart miloden pan. Rebuilt kit was a Mondello W-30 kit. Cam was a step above the stock W-30 grind. Lifters are higher revving type than factory standards. The engine has approximately 2000 miles on it. The transmission has been thoroughly rebuilt using all new hard parts with the only upgrades to the transmission being a B & M transpak along with a 2400 stall converter. The rear end is from a 1970 Olds 442 with 12 bolt cover and 10 bolt ring gear. Rear end gear ratio is a 3:42 positive traction. The exhaust system is also new featuring Flowmaster Stage 2 chambered mufflers producing an " I mean business" roar. The frame was completely disassembled, rebuilt and reassembled. All of the bushings, brake lines, fuel lines, ball joints, tie rods etc. have all been replaced using NOS parts where available. The entire emergency brake system is brand new NOS. You will note on the judging sheet the car had points deducted relevant to this area. Again, everything is brand new. With the exception of cruise control this 442 is a fully loaded automobile with many options being standard equipment today. They are as follows: 1. Power steering. 2. Power brakes. 3. am/fm rebuilt stereo radio producing crystal clear fidelity. 4. Power trunk release. 5. Power door locks. 6. 4-way power drivers bucket seat. 7. Power windows. 8. Sport steering wheel with tilt. 9. Factory R-12 air conditioning which blows arctic ice cold air. 10. Bucket seats with full length console. There isn't a single option, accessory, switch, system, component or feature of this car that does not function perfectly. From the "Tic-Toc-Tach" which was completely rebuilt with a quartz movement by the Clock Works out of Wisconsin to the seat belt reminder buzzer. The power windows all go up and down with authority without any drag or laziness to them. The above is worthy of repeating: Every single option, switch, accessory, component system or feature inherent to the operation of this 442 works just as General Motors intended, without fail. In summary, this car is essentially a new 36 year old car. With proper care, maintenance and respect, the car will provide years of problem free ownership. Oh, and by the way-the car you are viewing is very, very fast. It is indeed "rapid transit!"

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